Interdisciplinary Workshop on
Multi-scale Governance
of Forests, Village and Water
in the Upper Ping River Basin, Northern Thailand

7-9 March 2005

Lotus Pang Suan Kaew Hotel

Chiang Mai, Thailand

1st Circular
Provisional Program (as of 4 Mar. 2005)
Hotel Reservation List (as of 4 Mar. 2005)
General Infomation

Last Update: 4 March 2005

Background and Objectives:

In Thailand, where the limitation of water resources mainly determines agricultural productivity, the problem of water resources distribution between the upper and lower inhabitants of a watershed may be a cause of social conflicts everywhere. Some of the most serious and well-known conflicts in Thailand have occurred in the upper Ping river basin of northern Thailand. In spite of the importance, actual scientific observations and data analyses are not sufficient in such an area, and this situation prevents the government and the people to make any rational decisions. Knowledge on social sciences and humanities is indispensable, but it does not prevail amnog society and people.

This Workshop aims to let every related discipline gather and let people in various projects and institutes discuss on this topic.

Topics of the Workshop:

- Prediction / Assessment of Water in Ungauged Basins
- Policy and Law for Water and Forest
- People's Participation, Public Involvement
- Community Forestry, Agroforestry, Village Forestry
- Roles of NGOs
- International Development Funds and Projects, Royal Initiatives
- Myth, Mother Statements, Blue Revolution
- Land Changes and Related Water Regime Changes
- Collaborations among Social Scientists, Natural Scientists, Engineers and Stakeholders

Co-sponsors / Co-organizers / Supporters:

- Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (5-1 Project, Leader: Shinjiro KANAE)
- JSPS Project "Blue Revolution" (Leader: Koichiro KURAJI)
- JSPS research grant for PUB (Leader: Kuniyoshi TAKEUCHI)
- The 7th Watershed Development Office, Department of National Park, Wildlife and Flora, Thailand
- National Research Council of Thailand (to be discussed)


- 7th March (Monday): Arriving at Hotel and Ice Breaking Party
- 8th March (Tuesday): Presentation, Discussion and Reception
- 9th March (Wednesday): One-day Excursion

Contact Persons:

KURAJI Koichiro
Lecturer, University Forest in Aichi, The University of Tokyo
FAX: +81-561-85-2838

Local Organizing Committee
The 7th Watershed Development Office, Department of National Park,
Wildlife and Flora, Chiang Mai
TEL and FAX: +66-53-222051

Faculty of Social Science, Chiang Mai University

Registration Fee:
(Include Reception, Lunch and Coffee)

FREE for Thai People
3,000 THB for Foreigners

How to Join the Workshop:

You should make registration through one of the following two procedure:

1. Print out the PDF of the 1st Circular, fill up the form and send it to Mr. ISSARA
by FAX.

2. Send Email to KURAJI, ISSARA or YAMAGUCHI with the following information.
- Title (Prof./Dr./Ms./Mr.)
- Name
- Affiliation
- Mailing Address
- TEL. No.
- FAX. No.
- E-mail address
- Which day you intend to stay PSK Hotel ? (6th 7th 8th 9th)
- Are you intend to give a presentaiton ?
If so, the tentative title of your presentation

The deadline of the Registration: 28 February 2005

Participants who wish to make presentation need to submit an abstract
(A4 paper 1 sheet: less than 400 words)

The deadline of the Abstract: 28 February 2005

Financial Support:

If you wish to apply financial support for your trip to Chiang Mai (including from Bangkok) , you should complete your registration procedure before 20 January 2005 and send another Email to KURAJI informing your application of financial support. Note that participants who will make presentation should have a priority. We will try our best to allocate available funds to the applicants as many as possible.