ELI  ** Please alterate and adopt these equipments appearing here of you own responsibility.

hand-made external power supply for Hi-MD (English page) recorder SONY MZ-NH1

to achieve 33.5-hour full disk recording (with a microphone, by ATRAC3plus/48kbps) in the field

enlarge image/ extract the AC converter connector from the Hi-MD Dock.

And remove the cable with "USB connector" attatched to MZ-NH1.

enlarge image/ cut the USB cable attatched to MZ-NH1.

Feel easy, as you have two!

enlarge image/ enlarge image/ move plus (red) cable from the terminal 3 to terminal 1.

enlarge image/ attatch the new USB connetor and cable to AC connetor.

  enlarge image


setting of NH1 with a pin-microphone *Audio-technica AT805F(omnidirectional, plug in power) /AT9842 (stereo) and a battery case into a water proof case;

we need to use four new Panasonic 3A oxyride batteries to gain enough voltage to achieve continuous 33.5-hour recording.


I now use MYBATPRO LI_ION rechargaeable batterys (4400mAh, DC 7.2V)

View set on a forest otwer.